Encrypted Safe

What is Encrypted Safe and how can it be used?

In simple terms it is an application that you can store personal and private information in a structured manner. Your data and files are encrypted using military grade algorithms and will not be accessible to anyone who does not know the strong password that you have set.

Encrypted Safe comes as a portable app which means that it does not need installing on a computer to use. You can run the app from your desktop or any folder on your computer. You can also keep the app on and run it from a USB stick giving true portability.

Here are some of the ways in which Encrypted safe may be used. You do not need to purchase multiple versions of the safe as a single copy of the application is suitable for all of these uses out of the box.

Password Safe

In an increasingly online world, we have to create and remember more and more usernames and passwords. It is bad practice to use the same password for all your sites, even if you were allowed to do this as sites often place different conditions on the construction of these passwords. Some insist on a certain number or characters, some enforce upper and lower case whilst others insist on non alphanumeric characters. It's impossible to remember them all, and of course, you shouldn't write them down. Now you can store them all in one place, and access them all with the use of ONE password.

Crypto Safe

Investments in cryptocurrency is becoming very popular. When you set up hardware and software wallets you often create passwords and recovery phrases. You should never write these down, or store it as an image on your phone or laptop. Now you can securely store them in your safe. You can also store a record of your crypto holdings and whether the coins or tokens are stored in an exchange wallet or a separate hardware/software wallet.

Document Safe

You can safely and securely store any files or documents you choose. Wills, Birth Certificates, Driving Licences, Insurance Certificates, Tenancy Agreements etc. Recognised file types such as pdfs and images can be viewed directly in the application.

Family Safe

It is very important that upon death our loved ones can locate wills, and important financial documents and investments. Would your loved ones know where to find the information that they require upon your death? You can record everything that they need to know in one place and as long as they know ONE password to access your encrypted safe, and have access to your information.

Receipts and Serials

Keep a record of all your spending with receipts and serial numbers should you need to return something under warranty or have it replaced through loss or theft. Keep a copy of the manual for your items in pdf format should you need to refer to it.


Features of Encrypted Safe

Here are just some of the features of Encrypted Safe


Encrypted Safe uses bcrypt to securely hash your strong password, and aes-256-cbc to encode all data and files. All data in the database is encrypted and decrypted on the fly as are your files.


Encrypted Safe will be delivered to you in a zip file. Simply double-click the file to auto extract the application to a directory of your choice. Encrypted Safe can be run from anywhere, your 'Documents' folder, your 'Desktop' or a 'USB' stick.

Easy to customise

You can create any number of Categories, with the Fields of your choice and the order that you wish to have them displayed.


Store multiple files of any type against each record. Recognised file types such as image files and pdfs will be displayed in the application.

Clean design

Encrypted Safe has been designed so that it is simple to use, with the minimum amount of hidden features.


Encrypted Safe can be used to store Usernames and Passwords, Cryptocurrency (it is not a wallet), Identity Documents, Wills, Insurance Documents, Financial Information, Receipts and Serials etc. Its use is only constrained by your imagination.

Category examples

Here are just some of the ways in which you may use Encrypted Safe

You can create multiple categories of your choosing inside Encrypted Safe, so it is possible to store every example given here inside one copy of the application.

Receipts and Serials

Keep a record of all your receipts and serial numbers of expensive or important items should you need to claim on the warranty or insurance.


We all have numerous usernames and passwords that we have to remember. Formats can vary, and it's is not a good idea to write them but down. Record them all here safely and securely.


Store a list of your currently held Cryptocurrency holdings and whether they are on trading platforms, or held in hot or cold wallets. (Note, that this is not a cryptocurrency wallet)


Keep a record of all your important documents in one place. Wills, insurance policies, birth certificates, driving licences or passports. The list is endless!


Record you bank accounts and financial investments. Don't lose track of where you money is stored.


Many of us make plans for our funeral by taking out funeral plans, but do we record everything else that our loved ones should know?


If you have internet domains registered, keep a track of your domains here including root login usernames and passwords as well as email and ftp accounts.


If you own property, you can record details of your holdings here including details of any mortgages that you may have and amounts owing.

Demonstration of Encrypted Safe

Here is a brief tour of Encrypted Safe

Encrypted Safe

Securely store all your data quickly easily and efficiently


Here are some common questions. If you have further questions, please email us.

Encrypted Safe is supplied in a 'Portable' Windows format which means that it can be run from anywhere on your PC. As the application is supplied in a self extracting archive, simply run (double-click) the file that you have purchased and when prompted select the location on your PC that you want the application to be installed. It may reside in your Documents folder, on your Desktop, or even on a USB stick. If you move the folder, your data will go with you.

Yes, the purchase of this software is a personal licence granted to you, which means that you may run it on multiple machines or devices. It does not however mean that you can share it with family and friends for them to use. Please respect the author of this software and the time it has taken to create the application. Supporting this application will mean future updates and new features.

You may find that some anti-virus software will give a warning when unpacking Encrypted Safe for the first time. We have also known a warning being given when you are adding a document to the application. Confirm to your anti-virus software that Encrypted Safe is a safe application and that you wish to continue.

No. Quite simply, there are NO back doors into the application. If you have locked yourself out, you will be unable to access your data.

If you have locked yourself out of your safe, you will need to remove (archive) the existing safe to be able to use the program again. When the login screen first appears select the archive option. This option does not delete your safe, but renames it with a date/time stamp retaining it within the application allowing you to retrieve it later.

  1. Open your existing version of Encrypted Safe
  2. Use 'Tools' -> 'Export safe' and save your safe to a known location
  3. Login to your account at Encrypted Safe and download the latest version
  4. Open the new version of Encrypted Safe
  5. 'Import' the safe that you've just saved into the new version

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If you have questions about Encrypted Safe, please send us a message.

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